What is the difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes?


Composition difference

Both electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an essential ingredient for smokers who are addicted to cigarettes. Nicotine can be addicted but not carcinogenic. The difference between the two is that the electronic smoke does not contain tar components, while the real smoke contains tar components, which is the main carcinogenic component, and its harm is greater than that of the electronic smoke.

Process difference

E-cigarettes are made from a large amount of steam generated after atomization and heating of the tobacco oil. The tobacco oil contains g / VG, essence, nicotine and other components. Due to the lack of tar components, there is a certain difference between smoking e-cigarettes and real cigarettes.

After burning, real smoke will produce thousands of harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Tar and carbon monoxide alone can cause health problems such as emphysema.

Function difference

To a certain extent, e-cigarettes have the effect of assisting smoking cessation. You can't control the nicotine and tar content of real cigarettes because the specifications are uniform across the country. However, e-cigarettes can help you achieve the effect of smoking cessation by purchasing tobacco oil with different nicotine concentrations to reduce the daily nicotine content. However, the smoke of e-cigarettes still has certain health effects.

And smoking only has the effect of refreshing, and it is extremely harmful to yourself and the people around you.

The above three types are the hazards of e-cigarettes and cigarettes. However, this is based on the normal and safe production of e-cigarettes. If the e-cigarette oil and e-cigarettes are produced by small workshops and black workshops, there will be no health protection.

At present, the domestic e-cigarette market is relatively chaotic. Most of the e-cigarettes and cigarette oil have unsafe components and heavy metal components added, and there are often hidden dangers such as appearance leakage and poor quality batteries. In particular, in order to attract customers, some domestic businesses have arbitrarily added additives to change the taste and color of the e-cigarette oil. In the absence of safety supervision, the harm of e-cigarettes is greater than that of real cigarettes.

So no matter whether you smoke real cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, if you want to recover your health, you should include quitting smoking in your plan from now on.

Some people invented the quitting patch for the nicotine reduction quitting method of e-cigarettes. It is similar to the principle and function of e-cigarettes. It also achieves the quitting effect by reducing the daily nicotine intake of the human body. However, unlike e-cigarettes, the components of the quitting paste will not enter the body from the trachea and lungs, nor will there be any potential health risks such as "oil leakage" and "battery leakage". It only needs to contact the skin to gradually achieve the effect of quitting smoking.

When many people quit smoking with their willpower, they often have withdrawal reactions, causing health problems such as insomnia and panic, which greatly affect the healthy life of people who quit smoking. However, the quitting paste is a good helper to help quit smoking. It is made by the quitting principle approved by the World Health Organization.

Through the slow-release technology, the nicotine concentration in the body is controlled at a low and stable level, so that the body can adapt faster and reduce withdrawal reaction, and also control smoking desire.