Why do e-cigarette switchers cough?


1. Nicotine content is too high

The higher the nicotine content, the greater the irritation to the throat, which is what we usually call the "feeling of hitting the throat", which stimulates the throat and causes cough.

2. E-cigarette itself

When we first switched from smoking to electronic cigarettes, we were not used to the feeling of steam in our throat. Inhale steam in the same way as smoking, which can also irritate the throat and lead to cough. In addition, the heat of the atomized steam causes a dry throat, which will also cause you to cough.

3. Self healing of throat after cessation of smoking

Since the damage caused by the throat is recovering, the throat becomes more sensitive in this process, which means that when the steam comes into contact with the throat, it will cause irritation and therefore cough. When coughing, the throat is not damaged. On the contrary, the throat is healing. In the case of the damage caused by smoking for many years, coughing is not a bad thing. In fact, although 57% of people coughed when using e-cigarettes, 93% also reported that it was not a long-term problem. In other words, when they finally get used to using e-cigarettes, the cough will naturally stop.