Why do people like to smoke e-cigarettes?


Why do people like to smoke electronic cigarettes

According to the latest survey of the World Health Organization, compared with 2000, the total number of smokers in the world in 2018 decreased by 40 million, of which more than 35 million switched to electronic cigarettes. Among these people, about half of the users believe that electronic cigarettes are more "healthy" than traditional cigarettes and try to use them to quit smoking. Their reason is that "smoking e-cigarettes is actually smoking the same gas as water vapor, so they should be healthier than cigarettes". These people listed the following benefits of electronic cigarette smoking:

1. Electronic cigarettes can be a good substitute for cigarettes, refreshing and satisfying the addiction. Through nicotine replacement therapy, users can gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine and finally achieve the goal of quitting smoking. Therefore, electronic cigarette has reduced the smoking rate to a certain extent, and it has played a more important role in curbing the side effects of traditional smoking.

2. Compared with smokers, the injury rate and mortality rate of electronic cigarette smoking decreased. It is reported that with the popularization and prevalence of electronic cigarettes in China, the incidence of diseases related to smokers has decreased from 37.5% to 25% in the past 10 years.

3. The electronic cigarette does not burn, does not contain tar, and does not contain more than 460 kinds of chemical substances that will cause respiratory system and cardiovascular system diseases when ordinary cigarettes are burned. In addition to nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, which are recognized as safe by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), there are no other carcinogens and chemical components in the tobacco oil, so it is harmless to human health.

4. The electronic cigarette will not produce second-hand smoke, ash, cigarette butts and fire hazards.

5. As a new type of health product, electronic cigarette can not be said to be completely harmless, but it is much healthier than cigarettes. Now some pharmaceutical enterprises and medical equipment manufacturers have begun to try this new tool to solve the problem of smoking.

6. The price of electronic cigarette is moderate, and the electronic atomizer and battery can be recycled for many times, which can effectively reduce the expenditure on smoking.

7. The electronic cigarette has no peculiar smell. After smoking the electronic cigarette, the mouth and clothes have no peculiar smell. The breath is fresh and normal, and will not cause trouble to others. The use of e-cigarettes is not strictly limited by places, and can meet the requirements of different occasions such as smokers' social, social and business contacts.

Most of these arguments about the benefits of electronic cigarette smoking are not based on real scientific research. Some are false statements spread by manufacturers and sellers of electronic cigarettes in order to sell products. They promoted their products with the selling point that electronic cigarettes do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles. They even promoted their products under the banner of "smoking cessation artifact" and "lung clearing" in the product introduction.
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