Can smoking e-cigarettes cause "second-hand smoke"?


Can smoking electronic cigarettes cause "second-hand smoke"

The research shows that the secondhand aerosol (secondhand smoke of electronic smoke) produced by the heating solution of electronic smoke is a new air pollution source. These include particulate matter (fine particles and ultra-fine particles), 1,2-propanediol, some volatile organic compounds, some heavy metals and nicotine, which are not just "water vapor" as many marketing campaigns suggest. The content of some heavy metals produced, such as nickel and chromium, is even higher than that of second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes. Compared with smokeless fresh air, the second-hand aerosol in electronic smoke can cause the PM1.0 value to be 14-40 times higher, the PM2.5 value to be 6-86 times higher, the nicotine content to be 10-115 times higher, the acetaldehyde content to be 2-8 times higher, and the formaldehyde content to be 20% higher. The content of some heavy metals in second-hand smoke, such as nickel and chromium, is even higher than that in second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes. Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends that all public places where smoking is prohibited should also prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, there have been many fake and inferior electronic cigarette products at home and abroad, and serious accidents caused by quality problems. Some illegal businesses add fake and inferior harmful substances to the tobacco oil, such as diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol, nitrosamines, plasticizers, heavy metals, etc., which will cause great harm to the human body. Some batteries used in electronic cigarettes have not been subject to mandatory safety and quality certification. Putting such lithium batteries into the small volume of electronic cigarettes is like putting a time bomb in your mouth. The recent explosion of electronic cigarettes in the mouth of smokers in the United States is a disaster caused by such lithium batteries.

Because e-cigarettes are so harmful, MIT Science and Technology Review ranked e-cigarettes as the worst scientific and technological invention in the 21st century.