Vuse overtook Juul to regain the champion in the US e-cigarette market


According to Nielsen's data, in the two weeks up to April 9, 2022, thanks to the launch of Vuse Alto, the flagship product, Vuse surpassed Juul and won the sales champion in the US electronic cigarette market, with a market share of up to 35%. In 2021, Vuse will generate more than 90% of its US market revenue from Vuse Alto products. Vuse's global leadership is further strengthened by its re emergence in the US market.

Since being surpassed by Juul in 2017, Vuse has finally become the best-selling electronic cigarette brand in the United States again, creating another milestone. Juul, an emerging brand founded in 2015, took only three years to occupy 68% of the US electronic cigarette market, while Vuse's market share fell from 44.2% in 2016 to 10%.

In order to reverse the decline in the competition with Juul, Vuse began to look for new manufacturers and atomization technology providers worldwide, and considered introducing a product that could subvert the entire industry. In 2018, Vuse reached cooperation with FEELM, the flagship brand of atomization technology under SMOORE, and launched Vuse Alto in August of the same year.

Unlike Juul products that use traditional cotton coils, Vuse Alto uses FEELM ceramic coils to bring a revolutionary electronic smoke experience and help Vuse launch a Jedi counterattack. Since 2019, Vuse Alto has become one of the world's popular electronic cigarette products, and Vuse's market share in the United States has soared. In 2021, Vuse announced that it will become the world's largest e-cigarette brand, and its annual market share in the top five e-cigarette markets (the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) will reach 33.5%. These five markets account for about 75% of the total revenue of the global e-cigarette market (closed system). In December 2021, Vuse's share in the US market will reach 35.9%. In just two years, Vuse successfully narrowed the market share gap of 27%, leaving only 0.1% gap with Juul (36%).

Vuse Alto uses industry-leading ceramic coils to bring consistent silky taste, longer life of smoke cartridges, and excellent leak proof capability. In addition, Vuse Alto has a rich and fragrant tobacco and mint flavor thanks to the extremely high taste reduction of FEELM ceramic coils. The competitive advantage of this product has become increasingly prominent, especially after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned other electronic cigarettes except for tobacco and mint flavors in February 2020. The FDA's move aims to respond to the popularity of electronic cigarette products among young people. At the same time, Juul has been deeply involved in the dispute about youth marketing, and is facing more and more lawsuits in American states.

In October 2021, FDA issued the first marketing license order (Solo products) to Vuse, confirming that Vuse products are beneficial to public health, especially for adult addicted smokers seeking alternative products. In late April 2022, FDA approved the launch of NJOY Ace. This newly approved product also uses FEELM atomization technology, which proves once again the harm reduction potential of FEELM ceramic coils. In addition, Vuse Alto and NJOY Ace use the same FEELM atomization technology.
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