How to choose between disposable vape and refillable pod vape?


Choose an e-cigarettes can be confusing for most starters!

You should know why you should vape, for quit smoking or something else,  and which device is best for you? Disposable vape or refillable pods?


Let's see the difference between disposable e-cigarettes and replacable pod vapes


Disposable electronic cigarette


Advantages : Ease of use; more flavors; lower price


Disposable pods are the most convenient option. The devices come pre-filled with e-liquid — no refills, no need to buy juice. Your disposable e-cigarette contains fully charged and usable batteries. All you have to do is take the e-cigarette out of its packaging and start vaping. When the battery dies, simply throw away the disposable e-cigarette (a single-use e-cigarette is roughly equivalent to a pack or two of cigarettes). These electronic cigarettes are small in size, portable, easy to transport, easy to use and require no maintenance.


Disadvantages: not environmentally friendly


For all the benefits of disposable pods, there are many reasons why most users do not use them as their primary way of vaping. Disposable e-cigarettes cost more in the long run compared to rechargeable batteries. You also can't replace the e-juice in most single-use products. Disposable electronic cigarettes do not come with accessories such as chargers, and the battery life is limited. Some users feel that disposable e-cigarettes are not as environmentally friendly as rechargeable vapes, or that they are simply not as durable or robust as rechargeable devices.


Refillable Vape Pod



If minimizing your environmental impact is important to you, then you may want to opt for refillable e-cigarettes. When a pod dies, you don't have to deal with it, just refill it and keep using the same device. This makes refillable pods, e-cigarettes, and other devices not only more environmentally friendly, but also more cost-effective. These devices also often have interchangeable cartridges, which means you can try a wider variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.




Refillable requires more work than disposable pods (but still far less than complex vape mods). You must recharge and replace the battery case (which contains selected e-liquid) on a regular basis. This means that these vaping devices are not easy to "steal", but some products will provide portable charging cases to make use as quick and easy as possible. Since refillable pods are usually of high quality and come with chargers and other accessories, the upfront costs are high (although they tend to decrease over time).

Ternovape tip: The disposable mentioned above is a non-rechargeable disposable electronic cigarette