UK and Czech Republic named most vaping budget-friendly EU destinations


The WVA collected pricing data and ranked the most popular e-cigarettes and alternative tobacco and nicotine products in 13 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

For vapers traveling in Europe, the UK and the Czech Republic ranked closed-system vaping products as the most affordable options, while Spain or France listed open-system devices. When it comes to oral tobacco, Poland and Austria were found to be the most attractive.

"As vapers and travelers, we always have problems finding the product we want, but are also often surprised by price differences. We hope this research will help vapers and alternative tobacco users to understand their What to expect during Christmas holiday travel," said Mariam Gogolshvili, WVA campaign manager and co-author of the study.

Earlier this year, the WVA launched a second tour, which began this year in Strasbourg, with the aim of spreading the message that vaping can save millions of lives. WVA representatives met with several members of the European Parliament to present their vaping product directive, showing how vaping can be used as a tool to realize its full potential for public health. Accompanied by an art installation titled "Don't Let 19 Million Lives Fall", the message will be spread to ten cities in six countries between October and November 2022.

Furthermore, the event is taking place in parallel with the ongoing review of European tobacco legislation, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The WVA has previously participated in public calls by the European Commission for evidence against flavor bans and over-regulation. With this campaign, the organization aims to once again give voice to the European vaping community, sharing their experiences of quitting smoking through vaping.