Study Shows E-Cigarettes Can Help Smokers Quit


A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that electronic cigarettes can be an effective tool for smokers trying to quit.

The study followed a group of smokers who were randomly assigned to either use e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products such as patches or gum. After one year, the study found that the e-cigarette group was more likely to have quit smoking completely than the NRT group.

Specifically, the study found that 18% of e-cigarette users had quit smoking completely after one year, compared to just 9% of NRT users. The researchers also found that e-cigarette users were more likely to reduce their cigarette consumption and to have made more quit attempts than NRT users.

The study has been met with mixed reactions from health experts and the electronic cigarette industry. Some experts caution that more research is needed to fully understand the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool. However, many in the industry view the study as further evidence of the potential benefits of e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit.

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