Make Herb set up a doctor's workstation to develop a new electronic nebulizer for herbal medicine


Eternal set up a doctor's workstation to develop a new electronic nebulizer for herbal medicine


On April 26, 2021, the awarding ceremony of Doctor workstation of Eternal-Herb was successfully held in Shenzhen. Eternal reached strategic cooperation with The Institute of Biomedicine of China to realize the cross-border integration development of traditional Chinese medicine science and electronic atomization industry, and develop new atomization products of herbal medicine health.


Cheng Zhengdong, president of The Institute of Biomedicine, attended the meeting. Chen Zhendong, Chairman of Far East Medical Investment Group and President of Guangzhou Oriental Medical College; Luo Yanling, chairman of yunchuang High-tech and YOOT brand founder; Mr. Qu Ge, founder of 55 Degrees brand; As well as the sponsor Eternal Herbace-electronic atomization brand founder You Chengchao, Mr. He Rui.

There are too many and too many electronic atomization enterprises, the entry threshold is low, and the phenomenon of illegal operation occurs frequently. The risks brought by the national health and the orderly management of the industry are accumulating. China's big health industry has reached a trillion-level market scale and has broad prospects. The occurrence of COVID-19 makes consumers pay more attention to their own health, which is the best time to promote the development of big health industry. The layout of "big health" has long been the strategic goal of Eternal-Herb. Combined with the strong technology and product strength of Eternal-herb in the electronic atomization industry, this move will be a big step for Eternal to integrate superior resources and stride toward the big health field.

Atomization is an important platform technology in the field of big health. At present, medical atomizers and aerosol inhalation preparations, including traditional Chinese medicine, have become routine tools for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In our daily life, it is often used as an inhalation therapy to improve our respiratory tract and lung environment. Therefore, herbal atomization is to use ultrasonic extraction technology with the help of a new generation of atomization technology to purify the traditional herbal raw materials and retain the effective components of small molecules, and then dissolve them into the atomization solution, which will be inhaled into our respiratory tract and lungs through the way of atomization. Compared with other smoky oils on the market, the herbal liquid phase is healthier and less harmful, and can better escort the health of electronic atomizer users.

Eternal Has been advocating the talent concept of "providing a broad and free competition space for those who can compete", constantly introducing high-level talents, fully supporting the development of talents in all aspects, and actively creating a high-tech talent team with moderate scale, reasonable structure, excellent quality and innovative vitality. The establishment of herb doctor workstation is Eternal improve the quality of technology innovation capability and high-tech talent team construction of important measures, is to carry out the strategy of "science and technology (hereafter" the deployment of positive practice, follow-up Eternal herb in the introduction of talents, talents, will have more work to try and breakthrough, cooperate with well-known medical institutions to establish a long-term project, And set up a professional herbal RESEARCH and development team, the output of a series of scientific achievements.

Shenzhen's electronic atomization has become a typical representative of the integration and upgrading of China's electronic information technology and traditional fine chemical technology, and also a name card of China's electronic information manufacturing industry enjoys an international reputation. As electronic atomization up-and-comers, Eternal herb in the atomization technology has deep accumulation of new applications, explore the platform value of atomization technology, apply the atomization technology to the broader category, and with stronger sense of social responsibility, stronger enterprise ethics, open a new space in the field of life and health, create greater industry value, is the new mission of Eternal herb, the new journey.