New herbal atomizing liquid, know about it!


New herbal atomizing liquid, know about it!


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Based on the development trend and direction of "natural herbs, healthy harm reduction and functionalization" industry, Dr. Eternal HERB workstation develops "Eternal-herb New atomization solution", which contains no butyl but can also meet the physiological characteristics of human nasal cavity and oral cavity. Based on 11 years of atomization application technology and project experience, the team of Doctor Eternal Herb workstation & Chinese Academy of Biomedical Research Institute has formed a new formula product through herbal extraction and separation of plant extracts from hundreds of natural plants/food-grade materials superimposed with new process formula.

Dr. Eternal Herb workstation "Eternal-Herb" atomization Product Special:

Innovative technology, deep digging material characteristics

Escort the continuous development of herbaceous atomization technology

Based on "taste" and "quality", "health" consumer pursuit, around the "natural health, harm reduction solutions for addiction, functional" direction, development trend and innovation in the rein materials and lapping technology at the same time, dig medicine edible/natural plants, the characteristics of food grade material, special material of excavated further application development, In view of the current market product defects and problems in the material dilemma, through the continuous mining of new substances and development of new technology, process formula, to help optimize the product, for the healthy and sustainable development of industry products escort. At the same time, further explore functional (such as fresh breath) product formula, with electronic atomization and other new technologies, enabling product and experience innovation.

Eternal - HERB new spray liquid, as Eternal HERB doctor workstation of the second generation of flavouring system is different from the traditional atomization liquid, we are committed to optimizing materials, innovative technology and unique formula, stripping nicotine addiction such as additives, by creating a unique "smell" build a new category and track, looking for a new direction for the current industry volume.


Advantages of new atomizing liquid products


New atomized aroma blending system

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