The fifth generation of new herbal liquid - 0 Nicotine


The fifth generation of new herbal liquid - 0 Nicotine

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Eternal Herbal Atomization Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., in collaboration with Chinese Academy of Biomedical Research, proposed the concept of Zero-tin X herbal solution, aiming to create a new herbal solution to replace nicotine addiction. In July 2021, Eternal Herb's doctor workstation set up a project and devoted 5 months to create a zero-tar, zero-nicotine, zero-carbon monoxide, the original "zero-tin X" fifth-generation herbal solution for addiction.

Zero tin X blends perfectly with herbal essential oils

To be specific, the essential oil melting herb technology is the perfect fusion of the liquid state of the solvent in the temperature range higher than its boiling point and lower than the critical temperature with zero-butyl X. It can improve the dependence on nicotine through medical-grade atomizing carrier and relieve addiction safely.

The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of herbaceous plants contain different complex compounds. These compounds are bioactive substances obtained in the evolution process of millions of years. After extraction and purification, they play an important role in human survival and health. Is the so-called medicine food homology a lot of plants have a unique component can be extracted, so, herbal component extraction has a long history.

Currently, the biological extraction technology widely used in large-scale industrial production is extracted with liquid solvents, such as water, ethanol, hexane, etc., which inevitably results in the destruction of biological active components, such as protein denaturation and pigment decomposition.

Directional purification and extraction of herbaceous molecules

Eternal Herb doctor team defined the solvent subcritical state, in order to extract biological materials in the subcritical state of the solvent, called the directional purification biological extraction process. The extraction process is completed at room temperature and under a certain pressure. When the solvent is removed, the heat released from the solvent liquefaction is used as the evaporation and gasification heating of the solvent, which realizes the energy saving production. After extraction, the material will not be heated due to dissolubilization, which saves a lot of energy, and also ensures the invariance of heat-sensitive components of the extracted biological raw materials. For example, when extracting loquat essential oil, low temperature dissolubilization ensures the pure flavor of the essential oil.

In the taste of the fifth generation zero-butyl X herbal solution, 20mg zero-butyl X can reach the throat-hitting sensation of 40mg nicotine, and the taste is strong and addictive, with fresh, mellow and smooth flavor. Inhaling the mellow hit throat, fresh fragrance, gas surging.

At present, the fifth generation of Micherbaceous zero-tin X herbal liquid products are ready to be launched soon, please look forward to it!