Vape device rechargeable
Reloaded disposable
Replaceable Pod device
Replaceable Pod device
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China Starter Kits Manufacturers
Vape Cartridge Manufacturers

Shenzhen Yingtenuo Technology Co., Ltd

Yingtenuo specializes in the production of various Vape Devices, Starter Kit, Disposable Vape. We also offer Empty vape pods and vape accessories. Terno is the e-cigarette brand we built. We firmly believe in putting customers first, delivering top-notch service, and embracing a people-centric philosophy. Proudly known as a powerhouse factory, we specialize in providing outstanding product customization services to multiple leading brands. Our mission is to offer high-quality, end-to-end customization services for overseas brand owners and trading companies, assisting them in establishing their brand. Our vision is to carve out a global presence for all brands, enabling them to flourish on a worldwide scale.

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