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Our Service

1. Pre-sale service:

a. provides technical consulting services for free for users.

b. Provide users with product samples, business profiles, credit certificates and other assets material.

c. The invites users to our company to investigate the product design and product manufacturing process flow, Process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system.

d. Invite users to visit the units of the products sold by our company and listen to the envoy use the opinions of the unit.

2. Sales service

In the manufacturing process of the product, invite the relevant technical personnel to our company to inspect the inspection of each process, and provide the user with the inspection standards and inspection results.

3. After-sales service:

a. After the delivery of our products, send special personnel to the user receiving site to check and deliver pay the goods.

b. The service provides free guidance and installation service for the products sold.

c. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service, mainly with technical personnel the team.In receiving the user's service information or feedback questions, in the most make a satisfactory reply and processing in a short time.

d The work quality of the after-sales service personnel dispatched by our company is judged by the users (Users sign on the user Feedback Form issued by our company). According to the user judgment opinions, cash our company's after-sales service personnel the rewards and punishments.

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