Do vaping make people sick?


As of 2021, what is still advocating the harm of e-cigarettes is either stupid or bad.

Foreign smoke e-cigarette hiccup fart, either they add other things in it (big M), or there is a disease risk. There was no evidence that the cause of death was for e-cigarettes.

There are currently two types of e-cigarettes in the world.

One is the heating does not burn, such as IQOS, Korean lil, is also the main pumping.

The bomb is closer to the taste of real smoke, which also stores real tobacco, releasing the bar at high temperatures.

The advantage is closer to real smoke taste, tar, addiction, and not prone to nicotine.

The disadvantage is that the need to be charged every day, often clean up, the equipment is usually more bulky, the heating rod is easy to damage, the machine is usually more expensive.

There is also a atomization stick, yue carving, grapefruit this kind.

This kind of basic everyone has smoked, do not say much.

Say the disadvantages, compared to the heating is not burning, no tar, easy to excessive. Believe that smoke yue engraved have experienced the feeling of dizziness, that is excessive. The taste goes away according to the smoke, but no matter what the taste, the gap with the real smoke is too large, so many times the nicotine content is in place, but still confused. Unlike tobacco products, minors are easier to obtain and become addicted to smoking.

The degree of harm is the atomized rod <heated and not burning <cigarettes, which is demonstrated and supported by the paper.

At present, all the harm theories of e-cigarettes in China are interest-related, and there is no relevant data to support them.

The harm of cigarettes is not in nicotine, but in the combustion of insufficient carcinogens, so e-cigarettes can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

E-cigarettes do not burn, if harmful will only be the raw material, and the raw material of Dachang is nicotine, plant spices, edible flavor. Raw materials are not toxic. Is it toxic after atomization sucked into the lungs. There is no data that most of them are word of mouth.