Heavy! The results of the first clinical study of e-cigarettes in China are announced


On November 23, the medical SCI journal "Nicotine and Tobacco Research" published the results of the first domestic e-cigarette clinical study, confirming that the nicotine pharmacokinetic characteristics of e-cigarettes are close to those of cigarettes, and may be used to alleviate "withdrawal reactions"

The study was initiated by RELX (Fog Core Technology) in March 2021. It is the first domestic e-cigarette clinical trial registered in the China Clinical Trial Registration Center (ChiCTR) and the World Health Organization International Clinical Trial Registration Platform (WHO ICTRP). Invention project.

The closer the metabolic profile of nicotine is to that of cigarettes, the more likely it is to help smokers alleviate withdrawal reactions. In this study, Chinese smokers were taken as subjects, and relevant clinical data were obtained for the first time. The 23 subjects were randomly assigned to two groups. They smoked freely on the first day, and used e-cigarettes and cigarettes alternately on the next two days. The experimenters collected blood and other samples from the subjects in real time, and tested their heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and other indicators.

The results of the study showed that when the subjects used e-cigarettes, the peak concentration, peak time and absorption rate of nicotine in their plasma were similar to those when they used cigarettes, suggesting that the nicotine delivery efficiency of e-cigarettes was close to that of cigarettes. At the same time, in the same environment, the total amount of nicotine delivered by e-cigarettes may be less.

In addition, in the experiment, all subjects did not have severe acute symptoms, and they tolerated e-cigarettes well, which partially confirmed the short-term safety of e-cigarettes.

Zhong Guoping, the person in charge of the study and deputy director of the Sun Yat-sen University-Fog Core Technology Atomization Science Research Center, said that the study collected complete data on the kinetics of nicotine metabolism in Chinese smokers for the first time, suggesting that e-cigarettes may help smokers relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Follow-up research has an important guiding role.

"This clinical study shows the impact of e-cigarettes more clearly. We will continue to explore scientific boundaries, focus on quality and safety, and further strengthen scientific and technological innovation and research and development." said Wen Yilong, co-founder of RELX and head of R&D and supply chain.

Since its inception, RELX has invested 800 million in R&D. In 2020, the company established a "1+4" scientific research path: under the premise of ensuring product quality, four modules of physical and chemical research, toxicology research, clinical research and long-term impact assessment were established to comprehensively carry out research on electronic atomizers. scientific assessment.

According to reports, the national standard of "E-cigarettes" requires the reduction of nicotine content. The "low-high instant release" technology developed by RELX under the premise of compliance can reduce the total nicotine content while improving user satisfaction. This technology has been applied to RELX's newly launched Phantom Power and Qingyu series products. Currently, RELX is conducting research on new products that meet national standards in order to improve their safety and optimize user experience.
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