​What is a Vape Pod?


With the rise of e-cigarettes, these devices have become increasingly popular. There are many options to find one that works for you. Below, we’ll discuss what a pod system is, your choices between open and closed systems, and some other details about the pros and cons of this form of vaping.

Vape pods are small vaping devices with interchangeable cartridges for your choice of e-liquid.

If you’re unfamiliar with many vape models, these devices are mini vapes that use a two-part system. The two parts of these vapes are a pod filled with e-liquid or vape juice, and a small battery pack that snaps into place.

Pod vape comes in two options:



Some e-cigarettes have a power button or switch, but more often, they are automatic. It will activate the cartridge and produce vapor with every inhalation.

Whether they are disposable, or refillable and longer-lasting, vapes devices are compact and lightweight. They are simple to use and easy to carry.

Nicotine content can be customized for each vape cartridge.

How do you vape with the Pod System?

The Vape pod is very easy to use. There are five steps to using these e-cigarettes on the market.

Fully charge the battery.

When using a refillable cartridge, fill it with the e-liquid of your choice

Insert the pod firmly into the device. If your model has a power switch, turn it on.

To start using your RELX device, simply start inhaling and the light will illuminate.

These are the basic steps to get the most out of your vape pod. To make your vape last longer, make sure your pods never run out of e-juice.

When your cartridge is running low, just replace it.

Open and closed pod systems

When shopping for your vape, you may notice a variety of models. There are two types of Vape systems: open and closed. You may be wondering, what is an open/closed vape system? Both systems have their pros and cons, which we'll break down below.

One notable similarity is that open and closed devices have smaller batteries than more advanced vapor devices. For users, this means they need to charge more frequently. Now, let’s break down the differences between these two pod mods.

open pod system

Open systems have refillable cartridges or tanks, meaning you can open the device to insert the e-liquid of your choice. Open systems come with empty tanks or pods for your own refills.

These open systems require more maintenance, but they give you the opportunity to customize your vape to your liking. Open cartridges come in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels.

closed pod system

More people are choosing closed systems because they are easier to load quickly. Beginners love the ability to charge and use their new e-cigarette. The closed system comes with pre-filled e-liquid cartridges that are sealed, safe and ready to use. All you have to do is snap it into the battery pack and you’re ready to vape.

Closed pods are also easily discarded. When your e-liquid runs out, simply remove it and discard it. RELX's devices are high-quality closed disposable pod systems in a variety of flavors with cartridges that are easy to install and use.

Who uses Pod Vapes?

These e-cigarettes are compatible with many types of e-cigarettes, and there are many reasons why people choose to use pod systems. Users who want to use their e-cigarettes discreetly will choose pod e-cigarettes because of their compact size and minimal cloud production.

Experienced vapers love adding these to their wider range of vaping devices for convenient vaping on the go.

What is the best Vape Pod system?

Based on customer reviews, size, ease of use, and cost, RELX Infinity is a popular pod vape that consumers love. RELX Infinity is now available in 6 different flavors (with more coming soon) and carries the flavor of technology in an elegant design. Achieve fuller flavor and deliver a velvety smooth vape pen from start to finish. This global model is a popular choice for those shopping for a high-quality beginner vape.

Advantages of Pod Vapes

Easy to install and easy to use

smallest e-cigarette device

Nicotine levels could be changed to curb smoking habit

Optimize e-cigarette oil consumption

Compatible with nicotine salt spray

Various flavors to choose from

Easy to clean and long-term maintenance

Concealing clouds for concealing e-cigarettes

Pod systems are popular because they offer many advantages for beginner vapers. People who choose these e-cigarettes are not looking for the many technical features that professional vapers enjoy.

Flavor selection is another reason vapers are attracted to cartridge vapes. Additionally, these vapes are a more cost-effective option if you use nicotine salts in your e-liquid.

Disadvantages of Pod Vapes

Battery life is weak

Small steam production does not create large clouds

Can be expensive depending on the model

Some people don’t like these e-cigarettes for the reasons mentioned above. Their small size means the batteries are also smaller. Small batteries have less capacity than those found in larger vape devices. Depending on how often you vape, these batteries take an average of 1-2 days to recharge.

in conclusion

If you're looking to transition to vaping, pod vapes are a convenient solution. With benefits like low-maintenance cleaning, multiple flavor options, and discreet clouds, closed cartridge systems are a popular choice for new vapers.

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