The Czech Republic is to Include Tobacco Harm Reduction in Its Public Health Strategy


As a result of a change in mentality among local leaders, the Czech Republic is set to implement a tobacco harm reduction strategy which includes the use of nicotine pouches. Spokesperson for the Czech Ministry of Health Ondřej Jakob, said that a new action plan is currently being debated, and should be implemented in the near future.

“This issue has not yet been resolved. A decree is being prepared for nicotine pouches. It is to define their composition, appearance, quality, properties, and other parameters so that they have the least possible adverse effects on human health,” explained Jakob said. He added that the new decree is expected to determine the various factors needed to be taken in consideration. “At this point, we expect to hold a debate on a new action plan which should set the direction for the next three-year period, including a tobacco addiction,” he said.

ECigIntelligence explained that successful implementation of harm reduction into the country’s next three-year action plan could lead to the country also promoting other safer alternatives such as vaping products as well as vaping products and snus. “Both electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products are debated” as potential solutions to the problem, said Jakob about the products.

“We believe that the choice of flavours for new products should be set in the future to cover the unpleasant taste of the nicotine while maintaining the harm reduction principle. At the same time, it should be limited as much as possible to attract as few people as possible, especially adolescents, so that another group of nicotine addicts is not unnecessarily created.”

“The threat to adolescents, both in terms of endangering their health and the emergence of new addicts, is still unresolved, which may also apply to current non-smokers. For this reason, there is an ongoing discussion in the Czech Republic on this matter,” he added.

The EU is still spreading “debunked theories”

Meanwhile, in yet another statement spreading falsehoods about vaping, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, questioned the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking cessation aid, and even claimed vaping acts as a gateway to smoking.

Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) Michael Landl, said it is distressing that the EC is still ignoring the science about vaping and making such claims. “It is shocking that the EU Commission still peddles these worn-out and debunked theories. The Commission systematically ignores the wealth of scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of vaping, not to mention the first-hand experience of millions of vapers. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and a more effective method to quit smoking than traditional therapies such as gum and patches. The Commission’s approach to vaping will do nothing but cost lives.”

The statement in question is a written response to a query by MEP Sara Skyttedal regarding the future treatment of vaping and snus, and where they fit in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. “Overall, smokeless and emerging tobacco and related products contain nicotine, a toxic and highly addictive substance – responsible for well-known health consequences – and they prolong the nicotine addiction3 . This is why these products are regulated and in the case of oral tobacco, banned in the EU,” concluded the statement.

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