Blu E-Cig Review A Decent GoTo Device For Beginners
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Blu E-Cig Review A Decent GoTo Device For Beginners

Terno® Blu E-Cig Review A Decent GoTo Device For Beginners.The Blu Disposable e-cigarette offers a similar vaping experience without complexities of dealing with a standard vape.

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Product Description

Terno® Blu E-Cig Review A Decent GoTo Device For Beginners.

Relx infinity 4th generation unlimited fun anytime, anywhere

Wireless charging ultra-long battery life Built-in magnetic charging interface: no need to align the plug, just put it down to charge, and follow up various accessories to unlock more scenes. Stable temperature control: The peak temperature of the atomizing core is controlled at about 230°C, which improves the heating stability, makes the smoke more delicate and textured, and has a very smooth taste when entering the throat.

Ergonomic ratio: After 26 precise modeling adjustments, the rounded concave curve comfortably wraps the lip beads and lip peaks, with a strong sense of fit, and does not care about the mouth and does not leak air.

Specially researched formula: RELX is a special e-liquid formula for the "Infinite Series". In addition to the more obvious taste and layering, the smoke is more condensed into a lump, and it will have a filling feeling in the mouth.

Leak-proof silicone: It is more suitable for wrapping the atomizing core to prevent the seepage of e-liquid from the oil storage tank. * 11-layer labyrinth structure: super-long labyrinth structure, which locks the condensate and e-liquid in the atomizing chamber. 0.35mm oil-proof net: The surface tension of the liquid formed by the 0.35mm hole of the e-liquid just offsets the gravity, and cooperates with the surrounding cotton pad to form the final partition to prevent leakage from the root of the unique structure innovation.

Relx Infinity Infinitely Refillable Atomizer Set, incense original genuine. Among them, there are matte black, frost silver, sand red, quenching and flowing gold, sapphire green, satin purple, flaming gold feather, and magic clear sky. The stock is complete.

Package Contents:

Battery cigarette holder X 1

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Maximum battery charging current: 700mA

Type-C USB charging cable X 1

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